Reporting 101

Who should attend?

Our hands-on workshops is intended for any Salesforce user (both nonprofit and for-profit) who has not yet mastered the reporting and dashboard tools, or for users who have a specific report in mind.

By the end of this workshop you will be able to create your own custom reports and share your new technical knowledge back to your teams.

Join our certified consultants and a group of fellow Salesforce end-users in this half-day workshop to get the most of out of your Salesforce data.

£300 Per Person (50% discount for nonprofits)

Half-Day Workshop

We will cover:

    View v. Report
    When to use which, and what you can do within each tool
    Report Types
    Tabular, Summary, and Matrix
    Understand the capabilities of each type, and when to use them
    Custom Reports
    How to create reports unique and useful to your organisation
    Custom Dashboards
  • How to translate custom reports into dashboards for easy viewing

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